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Disability Care Courses

Looking for employment or just trying to reinvent yourself? Disability Care course may be just the thing you are looking for; this highly skilled position requires the ability to work with and in several different areas. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we offer you information that will help prepare you to enter the field of disability care.

Disability care course in Australia
                                                                    Disability care course in Australia


Information Sessions

Is Disability Care course Right For You? Changing your career direction or starting a rewarding career as a disability carer can be a very big step; Disability Care is rewarding and fun to work for many individuals but is it right for you? Be sure to get all of the important information you require before making a life-altering decision such as this by attending one of our information sessions. Here you will be able to meet other disability carers, gain valuable new information and participate in hands-on training, giving you the confidence to start planning your new career!

National disability care course

The Australian Government’s National disability care course – is recognized as an approved disability care training and development program by the Health Services Commission (HSC). This course provides a solid foundation in the key principles and practices of disability care and develops skills in managing and delivering disability support services for clients. The course helps students develop professional development skills, develop communication skills and gain an understanding of disability care principles.

Certificate III –

The third certificate in the Australian Government’s National disability care course is Certificate III. Students will require to prepare to assess an individual’s needs and work towards setting up a program that meets those needs. This involves effective assessment and planning with the client and the assistance of a disability carer. The program also involves effective coordination with the relevant State disability agency and workplace health and safety program. Certificate III is recognized by the Health Insurance Regulation Authority (HIRA).

Certificate IV –

Moreover, The fourth certificate in the Australian Government’s National disability care course is Certificate IV. Students will have learned all they can about disability courses and their practical application in the workplace. They will get ready to assess a client’s specific needs and work towards setting up a program that meets those needs. They will also have been trained to administer supports under the National Disability Scheme (NDS).

Diploma for Independent Living (DIL)

So, the fifth certification is the Diploma for Independent Living (DIL). If a disabled adult wants to move into independent accommodation for more than one month, they must undertake the Diploma for Independent Living. During their study, they will have learnt about living in independent accommodation, how to access services that are available, what sorts of services they might require and what types of services might not be suitable for them. Once they have completed their Diploma for Independent Living, they will be able to choose among the options available for longer-term living arrangements.

Various Forms of Disability Care in Australia
Various Forms of Disability Care in Australia

Disability Care Course Diploma

When you complete your disability care course, you will gain a Diploma. You should not be put off from further education just because you did not choose a career in aging care. As long as you have fulfilled the requirements for the relevant course, you can go on to take further courses. And you will need to strengthen your qualifications. If you want to progress further, it will be worthwhile considering a course in an area of higher education. So that you gain even more skills and knowledge, which will make you more desirable in an employment environment.


As The Australian Government has a number of disability care services to offer to interested individuals and employers. These include housing providers, carers, home-care agencies, and voluntary organizations. This includes the provision of housing and related support, caregiving, and related support. There are also a number of government agencies that help disadvantaged people and their families. Including the Disability Discrimination Actyer’s National Health Information Centre (DDAIC), Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Age and Family Services (AFDS), the Department of Social Services (DSS), Employment and Training Ministry (ETM), and the Work Choices and Employment Office (WCE). If you feel interested in these careers, you can search for the appropriate courses on the web.

March 11, 2021