Community Services Jobs – A Rewarding Career in Australia

Community Services Jobs

A career in community services could be hard at times, but it also can be immensely rewarding. If you’re the type of individual who’s passionate about social change, is patient and optimistic about humankind, and also is motivated to make sure that people enact positive change in their lives – then a career in community services may be a great fit for you. There are many community services jobs available around the country, and it’s not hard to find one in your area. There are many community services diplomas and degrees as well, so you should have no problem finding one that suits you.

Community services- A rewarding career
Community services- A rewarding career

Community services typically refer to various types of caseworkers within the governmental sector. These are social workers and psychologists who are hired by various public and private agencies to handle various community development and economic policies. For example, if an individual needs help with an alcohol and drug addiction problem, there may be someone within your local community development office to assist them with this matter. The jobs may also involve helping people who are mentally ill or physically challenged obtain employment and/or housing.

Performs to Do As Community Services Worker

Community services workers to perform different types of work. Each community development agency will have its own specific field of focus. However, most community services workers will work on a case-by-case basis. This means that they receive a caseworker – which is like a file clerk – to fill out all the paperwork and assist in the interviewing process. From there, they will assess each case, discuss the case with the client, collect data, and provide advice to the caseworker on what to do next. The caseworker is paid by the community development agency for his/her work.

Requirements to Be a Community Employee

Many community services jobs will require workers’ licenses and trained in either the field of counseling or mental health. The role of the support worker includes providing personal and group guidance, as well as organizing and managing resources. The support worker plays a vital role not only in the interview and selection process but also in the referral and intake of services. The support worker should obtain skills at dealing with difficult individuals and at managing staff and budget.
Serving Community

Many community services jobs are in the welfare sector. In most welfare agencies, the worker is responsible for the intake, processing, employment, education, and Sheltered Care facilities for the welfare client. The worker has to ensure that clients get the assistance they need and are safe and healthy during the period of their stay. The worker may also be responsible for the client’s assistance after they have been discharged from the facility.

Another job in the community services sector is that of an aged care specialist. Aged care specialists work with and help to encourage, the elderly into independent living. Aged care specialists help the aged care client to become self-sufficient and to maintain independence. That they have started to lose as they become sick or injured. Some specialists work in home-based Alzheimer’s care units. Where they interact with and help the client with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

Job Opportunity for Community Services Trained Peoples

There are other community service jobs in the area of mental health and wellness. Such as therapists, counselors, social workers, and psychologists. Each of these counselors and psychologists plays an important role in the recovery of the person suffering from a mental health condition. Counselors help individuals suffering from depression to improve their conditions. While psychologists help individuals with various psychological disorders to deal with and recover from their problems.

In the area of drug and alcohol abuse, the drug intervention course is another rewarding. And this is an important job opportunity in the community services sector. These courses give the worker the ability to provide training to others in the use of drugs and substances of abuse. This also teaches the skills needed in becoming an outreach worker for substance abuse prevention.


If you are thinking about a community services career, you will be happy to know that the work is rewarding in so many ways. You can help people lead productive and successful lives. And you can help them feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings. The skills you gain in this career could even lead to other rewarding career opportunities. Such as a position in public health or another related field. No matter which community services job you choose. Your goal is going to be making a real difference in the lives of others.