Certificate III in Health Service Assistance – Advance Your Practice

The Certificate III in Health Services Assistance training is ideal for those who want to be on hand when nurses and other health care professionals are working their best. This is because the program includes hands-on clinical practice, teaching you both theory and practical aspects of health care. You will also receive comprehensive coursework that teaches you to assess patients’ needs, prepare an action plan for the care of a client and learn to be a good leader in the nursing field. You can get a certificate in as little as two weeks, which is still a very long time to spend on learning something new.

HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

The Certificate III in Health Services Assistance training is perfect for people who have been working already in the field of acute care nursing services or any other health assistance profession. The course gives you the opportunity to get experience in all areas of health assistance work. You will study basic clinical skills, nutrition, home health care and safety, pharmacology, first aid, emergency care, and administration of intravenous fluids.


What Does Certificate III in Health Services Assistance Covers?

This training course also covers concepts that include nutritional assessment, healthy body systems design, medical terminology, statistics, research methodology, pharmacy, health information management, ethics, anatomy and physiology, and medical law. The course covers many areas, which allows you to specialize in any one of them if you feel it is necessary. A good CNA has the capability of performing a wide range of tasks and can work effectively in even a small office, hospital, or home health care setting.

  • The course includes written and clinical examinations, demonstrations, and practice under supervised expert supervision.
  • The clinical portion of the course covers diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of acute patients.
  • The written examination covers professional nursing standards.


Job Opportunities for a CNA (certified nursing assistant)

Once you complete your certificate iii in health services assistance, you may qualify for further training. If you feel it is necessary.
The certificate is in health services training prepares the nursing assistant for more entry-level positions in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities. If you wish to be certified as a CNA, you need to pass a four-step examination. First, you must obtain a diploma in high school. Then you need to take a state-approved associate degree from an accredited nursing program or a college, and then you need accreditation from AHPRA.


What is Qualification to Enroll in the HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance?

For those who are looking at earning their certificate in a shorter period of time, they may choose to take the course online. There are several schools and colleges that offer this course. Some schools and colleges require the student to have a diploma in high school in order to enroll. Others only require that the student has a GED. Students can complete their courses at their own pace. So if they are too busy to attend a regular class, online courses would be the best choice.


Skills to Get Trained in This Course

The certificate is in health services training teaches students a variety of skills, such as

  1. Patient care procedures
  2. Medical terminology
  3. Essential health services equipment and supplies
  4. Medical ethics
  5. Introduction to administrative duties
  6. Basic organizational skills
  7. Management techniques.

In order to gain entry into a health services facility, students must successfully complete the course. The course consists of reading, writing, listening, answering, researching, and clinical skills. Students will also learn about medical terminology, therapeutic skills, pharmacy practice, and anatomy. A final exam, offered throughout the course, is also given at the end of the course.



Before beginning the course, it is important to review the entry requirements for the course. Each state might have different entry requirements, so students should contact their state’s licensing board for further information. Students will then be sent to take the final examination, which is offered throughout the state. For individuals who plan on using healthcare services or working in a health assistance facility. Obtaining a certificate of completion is a great way to get a jump start on the career ladder.


May 18, 2021