Career as Health Services Assistance in Australia HLT 33115

Health Services Assisting Jobs in Australia offers a wide variety of certificate programs. Certificate III in Health Services Assistance Programs is a program that is designed to train and certify health assistance workers and professionals. This program is ideal for those who want to obtain certification in an area of specialization. Certificate III in Health Services Assistance can be completed in two years. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to sit for the Certificate III examination.

Aged Caring Professional
Aged Caring Professional

Coursework of Health Services Assistance HLT 33115 Course

The coursework of the HLT33115 is taught through lecture and demonstration. Students will have an opportunity to work in an internship under the direction of an instructor during the second year of coursework. Students in the HLT 33115 can expect to complete their program in three years. The program consists of four specialized courses. In this article, we focus on the first course in the HLT 33 1154.
The clinical nurse specialist course prepares students to be certified as clinical nurse specialists. This course includes both theory and practical instruction. Primarily, the course covers the basics of human biology. Then the course focuses on the nursing fundamentals of nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and practice management. Throughout the clinical nurse specialist course, the focus is on the application of nursing principles to the health care setting.


Clinical Nurse Specialist Courses

The next course in the HLT 33 1155 is about the theory behind clinical nurse specialist courses. The topics included in the topics of this course include ethics, legal issues, patient safety, and legal protection. In addition to the general topics covered in the first semester, the second semester will focus on legal issues specific to health care settings. One of the topics will be a brief discussion of privacy concerns that are important in the health care setting. The clinical nurse specialist must be able to explain the legal protection provided to patients and provide examples of why they have the right to privacy.


Clinical Nurse Aide Certification

The clinical nurse aid then moves onto the third semester, which is the practical part of the training. During this third semester, students are trained to perform different activities. These activities include following a doctor’s directives, implementing a doctor’s order, and following a nursing plan. As a certified nursing assistant, you can expect to complete these duties quite quickly. Once you complete all of the tasks within your clinical nurse aide certification, your certification will be official.

Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist

The final step in the process to become a certified clinical nurse specialist is the board certification exam. To take this test, you will need to pass three different exams, which cover patient care philosophy, history, and record-keeping, as well as legal issues. This exam can prove to be quite difficult for an untrained person. Therefore, it is recommended that you enroll in a clinical nurse specialist program. With an accredited program, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the board exam and become certified as a CNA.


Demandable Career in Australia

Although the career as a health care services assistance is not high paying, it is still a very rewarding career. You will be able to make a difference in the lives of others every day. In addition, you will also receive professional growth opportunities. A great benefit of being a CNA is that you can advance through the ranks quickly. After certification, you can be promoted to a registered nurse, or R Nurse, or even go on to become an Associate Degree Nurse or ADN.



If you are ready to start your new career as a CNA, it is important that you do some research. Find out what courses are required to obtain your CNA license. Find out about job fairs that occur in your area. Find out what experience you will need to have before getting your license. Once you know the ins and outs of the health care profession, you will have no problem starting your new career as a CNA.


May 18, 2021