A synonym for excellent quality education, the Institute of Science Management and Technology (“ISMT”) has a passion for providing our students with the very best training and education to help their dreams become a reality.

We currently offer a wide range of courses in health, management and short courses to both domestic and international students, including. First Aid, Medications, Mental health Training, Disability Support, Aged Care, Community Services, Health Services, Leadership and Management.

Our mission is to create infinite expansion of knowledge and possibilities via the provision of committed learning engagement.

Our rational for education is simple. We spend the entirety (i.e., developmental milestones, school, higher education, professional life) of our lives, learning – learning can be seen as consistently constant.

The statement further reflects our motto
“Learning is consistently constant".

At ISMT we follow the principles of

• RESPONSIBILITY of being true leaders
• REACH of having goals above normal, taking risks which will help the environment and society

• RESPECT for all


Our trainers are very experienced and devoted, always aiming to provide our students with the stepping stones to assist with their education journey. They are passionate about providing each student with the relevant skills and capabilities to generate opportunity and conquer the workforce, with a range of learning materials and hands-on work experience.


My belief and value proposition to all stakeholders of ISMT is to provide you with quality education whilst optimising your most valuable commodity – TIME. The teaching we provide will give structure and frameworks to enhance learning, development and enable alignment to seek meaningful employment and proficiency in setting up your own businesses.

The environment we create at the Institute is one of critical leadership, skills and enhanced acumen. This enables your transformation to think strategically and extend your influence with greater input within the organisations you work in. We are part of the new exciting and wonderful society of sharing values, spaces, and technology.

At ISMT we will endeavour to create platforms and portals of learning for all to share their perspectives and theories to create an environment of research and advanced learning. We hope to instil learning with Responsibility, Reach, and Respect.

We hope that we all conduct this with Hope, Humility, and Honour. The Health sector constantly needs enhanced Enterprise, Energy and Empathy. My team and I welcome you with great pleasure and will strive each day to better your experience whilst at ISMT and beyond as alumni of the Institute. We hope to help you achieve your personal goals and achievements so as to meet your family, community and greater society’s needs.


Meet our team of dedicated, experienced and qualified ISMT staff, here to assist you on your education and professional journey!


We at ISMT are passionate about providing good quality education and helping every student achieve their dreams! Here are the top 5 reasons to join us: